System Introduction
As the controversy over the effects of tanning grows and the public becomes more proactive in dealing with the signs of aging, the opportunity to provide your tanning clients with sessions to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Sybaritic has created a system to do just that. Hydration Station™ is beneficial to clients and salons alike. Imagine the possibilities of being able to sell both tanning and hydration packages. You will double your potential per-client revenue.

Hydration Station is the perfect compliment to tanning technologies and is easily marketed as the ideal service to improve skin texture and tone, while minimizing the negative effects of tanning and increasing the efficacy of accelerators. Hydration Station works great with UV and sunless tanning – it will help to improve the performance of the tan when used as a pre- or post- session.

Accelerate, Moisturize, and Maintain a Beautiful Glow!
Created specifically for the tanning industry, Hydration Station combines cutting edge technology with time-tested natural techniques to saturate tanned skin with moisture and accelerate UV and Sunless tanning results. Hydration Station is the first system of its kind to offer Tanning salons and Tanspas the ability to Prepare their clients’ skin for accelerated tanning results, Prolong the life of their tan and Protect from the negative effects associated with tanning.

Hydration Station incorporates Hydrofusion™, a proprietary combination of radiant heat and steam, LED color technology, liquid vitamin diffusion and a vibratory bed in an advanced capsule. This powerful combination promotes a deep, dark tan and leaves skin soft, supple and radiantly beautiful while taking the richness of the tan to the next level!


System Features:


Radiant Heat
Radiant heat is a naturally occurring form of heat. It is the same type of energy the earth receives from the sun. The body uses radiant energy for natural, everyday bodily functions. Hydration Station’s ceramic radiant heat emitters are engineered to produce heat that is within the same frequency levels as our own body heat.

Radiant heat energy heats the body directly and from within, as opposed to traditional dry heat saunas that heat the environment around the body. Radiant heat is the most direct and efficient way of heating the body and stimulating the skin.

The popularity of steam use has been validated throughout the centuries in many civilizations. Greek and Roman steam baths, Finnish saunas, Russian banias, Turkish hammans and Native American sweat lodges all give testimony to the benefits of heat and steam.

Steam consists of the fusion of two elements important for effective body and facial services: heat and moisture. With the Hydration Station™ system, steam vapor covers the skin creating a glove of condensation. Steam enhances moisturization in the skin’s layers and keeps the topical product moist and pliable, promoting a deeper and more even absorption of active ingredients.


This patented, proprietary combination of steam and radiant heat provides a two-part formula for success! The radiant heat works to accelerate tanning results by creating a systemic “tingle factor” phenomenon in the skin, and the steam envelopes the skin in moisture.

The result of this technology is a darker, richer, long-lasting tan with rejuvenated skin, something that before now has been unachievable in the tanning industry! This dynamic combination works in conjunction to deliver maximum results in less time than conventional sauna systems.

LED Color Spectrum Lights
Each one of Hydration Station™’s pre-set programs feature a different Colorbath™ with random color changes and multicolor cross fades made up of all the colors of the spectrum, from soothing and relaxing to balancing and energizing. Colors are created by different wavelengths of energy. Six (6) chromatic lights; red, blue, green, yellow, orange and violet are strategically located above the body in the Hydration Station.
The color is emanated over the entire body, not just the eyes, so that the various wavelengths can be directed to all areas of the body for the ultimate revitalizing rainbow.
Colors are created by different wavelengths of energy. Six (6) chromatic lights; red, blue, green, yellow, orange and violet are strategically located above the body in the Hydration Station.
Oxygen Science™ Concentrates – Targeted Liquid Skincare
Oxygen Science™ Concentrates moisturize the skin with special botanicals, minerals and liquid vitamins for active skincare. Every Hydration Station session includes a specific Oxygen Science™ concentrate that is poured into the aroma intake reservoir in the system to drench the body in a delightful Oxyhydrating™ moisturization bath. Oxygen Science Concentrates are added to Hydrofusion’s steam vapour to hydrate the skin with pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts to prepare, prolong and protect the life of a tan. The unique blends include:

Oxygen Science Concentrates are specifically formulated for tanners. These distinctive blends can be alternated throughout a series of sessions to add variety and offer the client comprehensive care of the skin. The Hydration Station prepares the skin for the absorption of these advanced skincare ingredients and the end result is revitalized skin!

Vibratory Massage
Hydration Station™ features a convenient and effective motorized vibratory bed, which allows you to provide your clients with a multitude of additional benefits. The pre-set programs cycle between continuous or pulsating vibration that is adjustable via the LCD control screen.

Motorized vibration is a delightful and exquisite way to truly stimulate the senses. Individualized variable vibration motors allow for customized vibration settings and adjustable pulsating harmonic rhythms from rapid strokes to long waveforms. The under-surface transducers are also controlled from the digital display panel to allow a range of modalities from delicate to vigorous vibration.

Relaxation is an important variable in many beneficial applications. This component creates a more enjoyable and stress reducing environment for its users.

Aroma/Liquid Skincare Product Diffusion
Hydration Station features a unique liquid vitamin diffuser that vaporizes liquid skincare products, aromas and herbal extracts. The liquid vitamin shower created in the Hydration Station™ will ensure optimum results and play a fundamental role in promoting deep relaxation. As the concentrate is blended throughout the system with the moist steam heat, the powerful liquid ingredients envelop the skin.

Cool Facial Air
Refreshing room temperature air is directed across the client’s face keeping his/her head cool and refreshed at all times. This air keeps the client comfortable and free from feeling claustrophobic during a session. This feature is adjustable and controlled by the LCD control panel for client convenience and comfort.

System Benefits:

Pre-set Programs
The Hydration Station™ offers three (3) pre-set programs and the ability to completely customize any session for optimal results for any tanner.

Pre-set Programs Include:

Program 1: Prepare
For a deeper, longer-lasting UV tan. Go beyond your tanning plateau.
  • Prepare skin for UV accelerator penetration
  • Improve the tone and texture of yourskin
  • Delivers natural "tingle factor" phenomenon without the hotsensation
  • Keep your skin feeling hydrated and "baby soft"
  • Ideal for UV tanners looking to achieve darker results
  • Session time: 20 minutes
    Minimum recommended # of sessions:
    1 Hydration Station session prior to every other UV session
Program 2: Prolong
For maximized and prolonged sunless tanning results.
  • Promote an even skin tone and radiant glow
  • Enhance DHA, vitamin, and nutrient penetration
  • Extend the life of your sunless tan with improved hydration
  • Achieve a more even, streak-free DHA application
  • Accelerate your sunless primer or pre-DHA product
  • Combat DHA odor and tackiness on the skin
  • Session time: 20 minutes
    Minimum recommended # of sessions:
    Hydration Station session prior to each sunless or airbrush session
Program 3: Protect
To energize and revitalize skin. Ultimate skin conditioning and rejuvenation.
  • Deeply hydrate frequently-tanned skin
  • Minimize the negative effects of tanning
  • Improve texture and tonality of your skin
  • Experience a vitamin infusion for your skin
  • Extend the life of your tan
  • Session time: 30 minutes
    Minimum recommended # of sessions:
    2 to 3 Hydration Station sessions per week

Program Profiles:

UV tanners looking to achieve darker, longer-lasting color:
Step I: Application of tanning accelerator
Step II: 20-minute Hydration Station Prepare program
Step III: Light exposure in UV bed
Suggested use: Before every tan or 2-3 X per week

Sunless tanners looking for darker longer-lasting results:
Step I: Application of sunless accelerator
Step II: 20-minute Hydration Station Prolong program
Step III: Mystic Tan or other sunless application
Suggested use: Before every sunless application, 1 X per week

Skincare clients interested in rejuvenating skincare results:
Step I: Application of skin moisturizer
Step II: 30-minute Hydration Station Protect program
Suggested use: A series of 6-12 sessions, minimum 3x per week for duration of series

Hydration Station™ Protocol

1. A client is given a towel and escorted to Hydration Station room for a review of programs.
2. Staff member pours specific amount of selected Oxygen Science™ concentrate into aroma intake reservoir.
3. Client undresses (disposables can be provided by salon or client can chose to wear swimsuit or enter nude) and ties hair back when necessary.
4. For Prepare & Prolong programs: Client applies UV or sunless accelerator of choice. For Protect program, client applies professional moisturizer of choice.
5. Client enters Hydration Station and pulls the hood down over his/her body. Client starts TMAX timer.
6. Client begins program using the touch screen LCD panel.
7. Client relaxes while his/her body is being enveloped in steam, radiant heat, vitamins and minerals. Clients can adjust the vibratory massage, facial air and color of choice throughout the session.

Hydration Station™ System Contraindications:

Knowledge of your client’s contraindications requires a thorough client analysis. Being unaware of their medical history may cause problems.

  • Heart/respiratory problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disorders
  • Nervous conditions (e.g. epilepsy)
  • Pregnancy
  • Open lesions
  • Pustules or cysts

The above conditions do not necessarily mean the client cannot receive the Hydration Station™ System sessions; however, it is recommended that they receive medical endorsement prior to seeking sessions.

Water Intake:

Drinking lots of water is integral to our health and well-being. It is estimated that the body will lose from 64-80 ounces (1.8-2.3 liters) per day through perspiration, breathing and elimination. To replace this outflow, the average person should consume six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

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